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Bright tests are available online:

The Bright Language tests are administered through the Web and can be offered anywhere anytime. 

For reliable results the candidate should be supervised on premise. You can also send a username and password to a candidate located elsewhere.

Bright assesses 11 languages :


Results are immediate!

Once the test is completed, the candidate may receive instant results. The administrator can choose to offer this feature through the Bright's platform. 

The client becomes an administrator who has access to the platform, results and statistics at all times. It is also possible to download CVS files (Excel). 

Our Services

Our services are linked to language communications. We work closely with educational institutions, corporations and government agencies to facilitate their decisions when it comes to language skills.

Linguistic Testing

Linguistic Testing

  • Bright online test: Listening and Reading with instant results!  
  • BLISS: Bright Language International Speaking Solutions (Oral interview)
  • WS: Written Solution 
Linguistic Training

Linguistic Training

One-on-one = accelerated learning
Group setting = enriched learning
Online = 24/7
Cultural and Linguistic Integration

Cultural and Linguistic Integration

Social intercultural strategies for the mobility of your employees.
Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Customized consulting services for your language communication needs.

BRIGHT - Linguistic Testing

Basic Online Service: Reading and Listening Comprehension Test

11 Languages tested:
French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Flemish, Dutch, Swedish, Mandarin Chinese and Russian. 

All tests are online, have a duration of 45 - 60 minutes, and a total of 120 multiple-choice questions which will not monopolize the candidate too long. 

The Reading and Listening test evaluates: Grammar and sentence structures and oral comprehension. 

The administrator (the client) which has acess to our platform can offer the candidates and automatic notification by email. 

The administrator (client) has access to the statistics (results) at all times which can be exported in a CSV file (Excel).

Two reports are issued: The first report details the candidates' written and oral abilities on a scale from 0 to 5 that can be correlated with the CEFR. The second report shows the grammar points that need to be improved. 

Service: Speaking Evaluation (oral phone interview with an approved expert evaluator)

5 languages tested: French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

The Oral expression test evaluates: Pronunciation, intonation, fluency, range and complexity and overall oral comprehension.

The test has a duration of 10 – 30 minutes.

Results are accessible through the platform within 24 hours.

Service: Writing Solutions (WS)

Using a computer, the candidate must  answer two (2) written questions within 30 minutes. 

The written test evaluates: Vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures and syntax. 

Results are accessible through the platform within 24 hours.

French and English written online testing is currently available. 

Linguistic Training

Training that makes a difference because it is different!

Each candidate receives: 
  • A needs analysis
  • A choice of service (solo, group, online or blended)
  • A linguistic test and setting of goals
  • An agenda integrated training plan
  • Follow-up: motivation and satisfaction
A unique online learning portal that motivates each learner to get the most out of the time spent learning a second language. 

Why is it unique? It puts emphasis on the success of each individual while caring about their personal and professional interests. Ensuring that every learner can quickly reach their goals in the language of their choice. 

Cultural and Linguistic Integration

We know that cultural and linguistic integration is a challenge for many growing organizations.

We accompany organizations in implementing processes and programs targeting the successful development of intercultural experiences through positive social exchanges.

Consulting Services

Planning of your evaluation system to optimize your recruitment. 

Support in setting-up a linguistic project. 

Follow-up with your candidates in linguistic training. 

About Action-Communication

Our mission is to supply companies and government agencies with solutions to facilitate the management of their human resources by offering language skills evaluations as well as necessary training for individual development.

Having considerable experience
testing communication skills for candidates submitting school applications for admission, we are now considered an educational system valuable partner

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