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Our language tests make it possible to make an initial screening of applications to ensure that the level of French and/or English is sufficient. That way, you reduce the number of unnecessary interviews, you save time and therefore money.

Internal Communication
Effective internal communication creates a climate of trust and collaboration, conducive to employee motivation and membership in your business.

Better internal communication facilitates the integration and retention of your employees.

Ensure that your employees are able to communicate well with each other and that your managers have the ability to be understood by evaluating them with one of our tests.

Customer Service
The frustration your clients experience with language gaps is costly. Your customer service is a direct representation of the quality of your company.
Make sure you are represented by employees who meet your expectations, who have satisfactory English and French skills and who will be able to meet all your clients’ demands.
Offer impeccable customer service by evaluating your employees with one of our tests!

See our simple it is to assign a test: