Educational Institution


When applying for admission to an educational institution in Canada, applicants must demonstrate their language proficiency.
A recognized language proficiency test is required for most programs.
Many vocational training centres, universities and all cégeps in Québec trust the French and English tests of Bright Language.
Graduation Requirement

Some university programs require a level of English for graduation.
The Bright Language English test being the most popular.

Certificate of bilingualism

Concerned about the excellence of their students, several French-language secondary schools have implemented the Bright Language English test to confirm the language proficiency of their students.
This linguistic recognition will allow students to compete for university, college or job market enrolment.

Knowledge to learn

Many students obtain a scholarship and since some information is only in English, a Bright Language English test is offered to check their English proficiency. If a student encounters difficulties because of their low level of language proficiency, the university will be able to plan support and ensure their success.

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