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We represent the Bright Language tests, available and accessible exclusively online, thus allowing to administer tests, regardless of location and/or time zone.

Bright Test

Reading and listening test that offers instant results!

An online questionnaire consisting of two parts comprising 60 questions each, and lasting 45 to 60 minutes in total.

Each candidate accesses the online test interface via their personalized identifiers received by email.

Once the test is completed, the candidate immediately accesses his assessment report, which can be downloaded in PDF. It is also possible to ask for a list of grammar points on which the candidate was wrong.

The results are scored on a scale of 0 (beginner) to 5 (bilingual), which correlate with the levels of the CEFR, the international language assessment scale.

11 languages tested:












The Bright test can also be monitored remotely. It is called: Bright Secure

The global health crisis has disrupted the organization of exams and admission tests. In order to continue to offer effective support to all of our clients, we have developed a secure solution to enable us to invigilate our language tests remotely in equivalent conditions to those found in an examination centre.

Our remotely invigilated test solution does not require an appointment and candidates can choose a time and place. In order to ensure exam conditions are met, candidates and their computer screens are filmed and recorded throughout the test.

Using an algorithm which analyzes the images and sounds recorded, our solution is able to detect anomalies during the exam session (suspicious noises, unexpected movements, the presence of another person in the room, etc.).

For additional security, recordings are also checked by examiners who certify compliance with exam conditions.

Fast, reliable and efficient!

Bright Secure in practice: 

Our remotely invigilated exams are delivered via the Bright Language online platform. Candidates log in using the identifiers emailed to them when they register for the test.

Once they have logged in, they simply follow the step-by-step instructions. For extra support during the exam, a guide is also available on their dashboard.

Before accessing the test, the user is asked to fill in their personal details (surname, first name, email, telephone number) and to photograph their identity document with a smartphone, camera or their webcam.

Once this information has been provided, the candidate can access the dedicated exam area. At this point, they have the option to start the test or to sit it within a 7-day window, subject to authorization from the test administrator.


Bright Language International

Speaking Solutions

-An oral interview with an expert

-Combined with an online assessment, the oral communication test is conducted by phone or by Teams. It provides an accurate notion of a candidate’s level of proficiency.

5 languages tested:

French, English, German, Spanish, Italian.

The speaking test evaluates: quality of spoken communication, interaction, vocabulary, comprehension, spoken fluency.

The duration of the spoken test varies between 10 - 30 minutes.

The results are available on the platform within 2 - 24 hours.


Writing Solution

-Writing skills assessment test corrected by an expert.

-Combined with an online assessment, the writing test provides an accurate notion of a candidate’s ability to write.

5 languages tested:

French, English, German, Spanish, Italian.

The writing test evaluates: relevance, clarity, form (grammar) register (vocabulary).

The duration of the writing test is 30 minutes.

The results are available on the platform within 2 - 24 hours.


Evaluates: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Interaction.

It is the most complete and reliable assessment. The FIVE STAR is the only global online language

proficiency test.

5 languages tested:

French, English, German, Spanish, Italian.

All is done online and results are available on the platform within 2 - 24 hours.