Language Skills Assessment with Bright Language Tests

Bright Language tests are renowned for assessing candidates’ skills in reading and listening comprehension, written and oral expression, as well as evaluating communication interaction.

Assessment of Reading and Listening Comprehension

The Bright Test for evaluating skills in both reading and listening comprehension.

Assessment of Written Expression

The Writing Solution test for evaluating writing skills.

Assessment of Oral Expression

The BLISS test for evaluating oral expression skills.

Comprehensive Language Assessment

The Five Star test for a comprehensive evaluation of language skills.

Évaluation des compétences linguistiques

About us

Leader in linguistic assessment on the international scale

Action-Communication is a leader in the field of language assessment. In addition to having played a role in the induction of language testing in educational institutions and businesses, Action-Communication has successfully established and maintained a strong trust relationship with all its clients.

Over the years, our commitment to excellence and our personalized approach have made us a preferred partner for language assessment.

We are a proud representative of Bright Language tests on an international scale.

Our services

Linguistic assessment services tailored to your needs

Bright Language tests assess five language skills to provide an accurate picture of language proficiency in French, English, or any of the nine other languages we evaluate.

Tests de langue milieu académique

Educational institutions

Our tests, highly regarded by the academic community, offer an accurate assessment of students' linguistic levels. We evaluate candidates worldwide to certify their proficiency levels for admission purposes.
Test de langue en entreprise


Improve your recruitment process with our linguistic assessment tests. They are designed to objectively measure your candidates' language skills, ensuring they have the necessary language level for the desired positions.
Évaluation des compétences linguistiques candidats


Our French and English tests are recognized by most educational institutions. The results will allow you to prove that you meet the minimum linguistic requirements for studying or working in Canada as part of an immigration project.


Are you looking to integrate Bright Language linguistic proficiency tests into your organization?



We offer a first consultation for free. This consultation allows us to analyze your needs in order to propose solutions tailored to your situation.


We provide you with Bright Language language tests. These 100% online, reliable tests are universally recognized for assessing your candidates' ability to understand and express themselves in a given language.

We offer language assessment services that have proven their worth universally.


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